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We transport everything from small packages to containers!

Sirlog Oy is a private transport service company established in 2000. We are doing both domestic and international transport business by truck, train, ship and air.

Our aim is to be a solid and flexible company who takes care of customers’ needs. Our operating principle is to give the customer the best transport solutions all over the world.

How can we do this? Our cooperative partners are reliable Finnish transport professionals. Our partners have modern transport equipment, quality control and professional drivers, which guarantee safe transport and minimum risk of damage and delay.

We have several alternatives to find the best transport equipment and services to you. For example mega-trailers, 3 meters high, volume 101 m3, are economic alternatives when you need to transport light goods with large volumes.

So when you have truck-, sea-, air- or rail transport we are doing the assignments according to agreements reliably and quickly. We find the best solutions which satisfy your requirements.